There was a male colleague in the Department who moved to have a dinner party. The wall was covered with photos of him at all stages. At such an irrelevant moment, I suddenly saw the banker mu. In 1997, the banker stood in the junior high school graduates, smiling brightly. My heart beat to the earth, but as if nothing happened to ask: "where is this man now? Once there was a girl in the dormitory who knew him very well." Colleagues are drinking: "Chuang Jia Mu! Our two families used to be neighbors. He was unlucky. He was a lively boy. His parents changed after divorce. When I was a sophomore, I turned away. I heard that I had made a girlfriend there, and I was still a secret. Later, because the girl had a fight, the girl also dumped him. He took the college entrance examination three times and then went to college. This person has always been sensitive and proud, and feels that he can't get into a good school, and doesn't deserve the girl. Now that the house has moved, there is no news at all. " "Fighting for that girl?" "Yes, someone said that his girlfriend actively chased him, and the one who took the initiative to send him to the door was definitely not a good girl, so he rushed to beat him up and refused to review. At that time, I advised him that there were not many people he cared about in the world, and no one could hurt the people he cared about... " I rushed out of the door to take a taxi, running tears rolling down. Where am I going? Dealer mu, where am I going to find you? At 17, I really knew nothing about love. I am passionate and flustered to adhere to their "selfless and fearless" attitude, but never really understand you, how you think, what you experience, what kind of heart you take to care of me.